You have decided, you’re going to build a GBC module! Now what? Planet GBC is there to support your launching in this awesome activity. Follow the links below and jump in! On Planet GBC website, you will learn:
  • What is a GBC module?
  • Which tool you can use to read building instructions or to build GBC modules in 3D
  • How to get a list of parts you need to build a GBC module?
  • How to bring motion to your module via usage of Lego® motors
  • How to order at the best price the bricks you need to build your module
  • Where to get the balls from
  • Which books or websites can help you to dig in GBC module building
  • How you can build advanced modules using Lego Mindstorms®
Tips: If you are really in a hurry to start, just go at the bottom of each page. You’ll find there a summary of the main advices from Planet GBC.

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