GBC in a nutshell

Get more information from the official website
Get more information from the official website

If you ended up on this website, I guess you are at least familiar with what GBC is.
If not (I’m very lucky to welcome you here dude !), I think you can start by a first look at the official wiki page of Great Ball Contraption HERE.

However, if reading long text is not your cup of tea (sorry dude, I’ll try to rush on website description), let me try to summarize in one or two sentences what GBC main principles are.

In GBC, you assembly Lego® standard or Lego Technic® bricks in a way to transport some tiny (soccer or basketball) balls from one location to another. These bricks assemblies are called “modules” and the beauty of the discipline is to chain these modules to carry the balls over the longest distance as possible, in the most attractive and fancy way as possible.

If you do have a deeper look at the official GBC wiki page, you might read about some stricter standards (about dimensions, maximum balls per batch…). Depending on what is your target regarding the practice of GBC, I would say that you have finally two choices. Or your aim is to show to the whole world the modules you design and/or build, and in this case, I strongly encourage you to respect the standards from the start. Either you just want to have fun building or reproducing some amazing machines to show them to family and friends, and in such case, I think you should not bother you with these kinds of considerations at the start.

Just have fun, reproduce existing modules to get familiar with some common best practices and to get inspiration from most popular GBC module builders (artists I should say sometimes), take your bricks, standalone or together with kids or friends, and just let your imagination and creativity go !


Ready to Start ?

  • Get bricks and balls to start, or follow some advices HERE to purchase some
  • Watch what GBC modules builders can do HERE
  • Easily reproduce amazing GBC modules, thanks to downloadable building instructions, centralized for you on Planet GBC.
  • Follow some Tutorials to acquire some new technics or just reproduce more easily modules
  • Use your imagination to build your own amazing modules
  • Share your buildings and GBC videos with the Planet GBC community
  • Exchange with other Planet GBC community members to optimize your module
  • Have a look at the useful links and tools that I have regrouped for you HERE
  • Leave to the Planet GBC staff a message, it´s always our pleasure
  • And have fun, together with family and friends. GBC is just all about it !


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