2018, I’m back in action!

hello, after a long absence (not much news or new articles on Planet GBC since April 2017, sorry for this), I’m back. Planet GBC content should be then back to a normal rythm of updates over the coming weeks. During my break, I’ve seen numerous wonderful new GBC machines popping up and new talented builders entering the scene. So get ready for some more appealing content ! I also take this opportunity to thanks all the visitors of Planet GBC (you have been more than 150.000 visitors in 2017 !) for their interest in the website, and for all the kind messages I received, even during my absence. I’m glad Planet GBC helps a maximum of people to get started with Lego GBC. I wish you an excellent start of 2018 ! Stay tuned for an updated content, and some surprises over the coming months Turbopolofr


  1. Fantastic news! I started building GBCs in the summer last year and found this website to be very useful.

    I’ve now come up with a few of my own designs which I’ll hopefully get round to documenting and submitting here in due course

    Huw, Brickset.com

  2. Champagne ! Aller, je nettoie les ballons, je rebranche la multiprise, et c’est reparti !

    1. Hi Josh,

      thanks for the proposal. I may consider the option at a later stage.
      In a nearer future, I’ll most likely offer to visitors a way to upload information and pictures about their module on a dedicated page of Planet GBC. This should simplify a part of my work to upload/create the GBC module forms.

      Keep on the great work on your creative modules and mini-modules !

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