Robot Dreams

When one of the most popular and talented LEGO builders in the world starts to design Great Ball Contraption modules, this leads to an amazing result. Robot Dreams is the first GBC module created by JK Brickworks, and what we can see and say, is that it was really worth the try. The four very cool robots from this massive build are passing our favourite GBC balls to each other in jerking but ultra-synchronic movements. Even though each robot has its own polished factory-style design, the savvy mechanism animating them is identical for each one of them and can be extended to more robots. Don’t watch the moves of these mechanical companions for too long, otherwise you risk to be mesmerized. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger !

Original design by: JK Brickworks Number of parts: 2532
Original Blog Article (English): here Complexity for building:
Price for Building: €€€€, expensive


In this video, JK Brickworks explains some of the key design elements of his Robot Dreams GBC module:


PDFDownload PDF Building Instructions


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  1. The BrickLink inventory has an error – it lists four of 87580 2 x 2 Jumper instead of the 27448 Turntable 2 x 2 Square Base.

  2. Ich habe diesen GBC gerade im Dezember gebaut und er funktioniert sehr gut.Den Ballzubringer habe ich aber ganz anders frei gebaut.Die Maschine brauchst genug Drehzahl,nicht zu langsam.Auch müssen die Steuerzeiten aller Elemente zueinander genau eingerichtet sein.

  3. So I’ve completed this build, just with the 4 original robots so far (red, green, blue, brown). I’ve followed the instructions very carefully, and also studied both videos from JK Brickworks carefully to make sure gears and axles were in the correct positions as best as I could figure. However, despite hours of tinkering with this, I’m only getting about a 10% success rate. Most of the time the robots drop the balls when they pick them up, or miss the cup when they are supposed to release them.

    The only thing that seems to help a little is to squeeze the rubber axle connectors to tighten the grip, but this works for about 1 ball pickup, if that.

    Any trouble shooting advice would be helpful. This is a really cool design and it will be really disappointing if we can’t get it working. Thanks!

  4. Any chance of making instructions for the Return Ball Ramp and Conveyor (in black). This is shown in one of the pctures and it will make this a stand alone module with a continuous feed.

  5. Isn’t the position of the base of the robots one plate to low in the support structure? The two Slope 30 1 x 2 x 2/3 on each side of the robot will get stuck it seems.

    1. Hi Pär Eriksson, I’ve not reproduced (yet) this GBC module, but I understood from some of the builders who did it that it exists some mistakes in the building instructions.
      I know for instance that at the heads level, you need to perform some adaptations like described in the file (present in the instructions repository). The instructions might contain other mistakes but most of the bricks required should be there.
      You can request Fernando Q. (who made the instructions) support via his YouTube channel
      You can post your findings (of mistakes/improvements) here.

      Enjoy the build of this masterpiece

    2. Since the instructions were published on Planet-GBC all the instructions have been redesigned and will now be 99% of the version proposed by Jason in February 2020 and expanded with a video in April 2020. I hope this clears up your doubts.

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