The Wave

“The Wave” is one of the very first GBC module provided by Nico71 on his blog. The main banister of the module is moving like a wave, carrying the balls to their final destination. Thanks to Nico71 step-by-step instructions and as this module does not require “exotic” Lego Technic bricks, you can easily build it. Ride the wave!

Original design by: Nico71 Number of parts: 255
Original Blog Article (English): here Complexity for building:
Price for Building: €€, affordable


The GBC module is visible in the video above starting at 3 min 20s


PDF Download PDF Building Instructions



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  1. This is an easy to build GBC module. Need to be a bit careful when aligning the 3 24T gears as otherwise the balls will not roll off the ramp. It would be better to be set after a module with a taller output as the input is moving up and down, it can hit the output of the previous module. Also works well if the input of the next module is around 8 bricks high.
    I have made some improvements to this module after having it on GBC layouts for a couple of years. The main issues were that the gears are not locked in. They tend to slip out of place after some time. It will prefer having a low load of balls and will struggle if there is a clog in the module. I have had 3 24T gears split in half on this module due to the loads. To compensate for this load stress, the other modification I did was to double up the 24T gears by having two sets in parallel. I also added some technic bricks to the main support so that it can be stuck to a baseplate as it tends to move out of place over a longer duration. That allowed me to support the motor and stick it to the base plate which is just hanging by one pin and the axle in the original design.

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