Pneumatic Ball Factory

Don’t search any further, Akiyuki’s Ball Factory legacy is here! With his Pneumatic Ball Factory GBC module, Quanix offers us a truly original massive module using pneumatic systems. The so-called “pick-and-place” mechanism loads balls into squared mini buckets, which are riding full speed on a conveyor belt until a fully pneumatic robotic arm transferring balls from one ramp to another. More than promising, simply stunning!

Original design by: Quanix Number of parts: 1800-1900
Complexity for building:
Price for Building: €€€€, expensive


A focus on the “Pick-and-Place” pneumatic mechanism used in the module to transport balls from one ramp to another:

A focus on the “4-Axis Palletizing Robot” pneumatic mechanism used in the module to transport balls from the main ramp to the return ramp:

A focus on the “Ball Supply” mechanism used in the module to feed the ramp:


Lego Digital Designer Download LDD Building Instructions
PDF Download PDF Building Instructions



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  1. I am working on proper building instructions.
    Not 100% exactly as the one in the video, as there was room for improvement.
    Currently finished for 80%.

  2. bonjour turbopolo, est-il possible maintenant de construire tout le pneumatic ball factory avec les instructions en pdf ? merci de me répondre et bonne soirée. FRED.

    1. Bonjour Fred,
      tu peux suivre les instructions présentes dans la fiche:

      cependant les instructions ne décrivent pas la totalité de la construction. Il y a un peu de travail complémentaire pour identifier les parties complémentaires à réaliser pour avoir l’entièreté du module GBC. Depuis les vidéos, c’est faisable.

      Ce module est dans ma todolist depuis longtemps, mais je n’ai pas pris le temps d’analyser et de commander les pièces nécessaires. peut-être fin 2021

      Si tu construis ce module, n’hésite pas à partager avec moi tes photos ou vidéos

      Bonne construction

  3. Hi everybody,

    Any news for the ball supply module?, It would be great to try this one 🙂


  4. hi on the site of krisbrix (many thanks to him )there are the instructions in lxf for the conveyor belt as you can do to turn them into pdf, because with ldd come out very bad and wrong
    Thanks so much who can help me

  5. Is there a parts list included somewhere with the instructions? The images are quite low res and I am not fully confident about some of the part.

  6. hello Brixia,

    KrisBrix is currently working on the building instructions for the remaining part (conveyor and ball supply).
    So stay tuned on this form over the coming weeks, you should soon get what you’re looking for !

  7. hi all, is it possible to know if you can buy the instructions for the complete module?or where i can find ?
    Sorry for my english

    Thanks so much

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